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12 Month Session, Forest Park | St. Louis Baby Photographer

I’ve been doing so many milestone sessions lately, and I’m glad! It’s great to see these babies grow from squishy little sleepy newborns to energetic, busy one-year-olds. Camden is no exception, and I got to see this at his 12 month session, Forest Park.

Let’s talk about Camden’s first year.

First, I met his parents when he was still in his mommy’s belly for their maternity session at Lafayette Square Park.

Next, I got to see Camden be born! Check out his Belleville Hospital Birth Photography story. 🙂

I took his newborn photos.

I saw him at Gordon Moore Park for his 6 month milestone session.

And here we are at 12 month session at Forest Park.

Camden is such a cute baby from a beautiful family. I loved their wardrobe choices for this session – the oranges were a nice pop against the greens! And later they changed into blues and whites (though that isn’t pictured here), and those are such soothing colors. You can’t go wrong with those choices.

We finished while Camden smashed cake, and boy did he love it! You never can be quite sure how these 12 month old will react at cake smash sessions. Some of them love cake, others want nothing to do with it. My own kids have been all over the place when it came to their cakes. Liam dug right in, Elena wanted nothing to do with it (but then we realized she was sick, poor thing), and Quentin was far more interested in the balloons to care about cake. Speaking of balloons, Camden loved those as well! He stopped eating cake a couple times to go play with them (we captured that too!), and then come back to the cake. It must have been delicious!

By the way, back to the discussion on this client changing clothes – clients are always welcome to switch up their wardrobe when booking a full session! It is one of the benefits of a full session versus a mini session. If someone only wants to wear one outfit, that’s ok as well. I know sometimes it’s hard enough to coordinate one outfit for an entire family! However, if someone has more than one great outfit they’d like to wear in their photographs, that is perfectly acceptable as well!!

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