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I had such a nice time getting to know Amelia and her family! She was very curious the day I came to visit, and wanted to show us her beautiful eyes. But you know what? I didn’t mind at all. Why wouldn’t we want to see those beautiful eyes of hers?!?

Here are some photos of our time together. 🙂

I couldn’t resist taking some of this beauty while Amelia was eating. What a sweetie!

Look at those bright eyes!

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It isn’t uncommon for babies to stay awake in their sessions. Often new photographers worry they are doing something terribly wrong, and it adds stress to sessions. If this is you, don’t worry! It is normal and it is fine! All babies have awake periods, and while you can try to get them into a sleepy state, you can’t 100% control when it will happen. So if baby is awake, I encourage you to not see it as something you’ve done wrong, but to embrace it. Parents love awake shots. And if you put aside those preconceived ideas, I think you’ll find you love them, too. 🙂 I sure do!

Here is another awake baby from earlier this year!

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