6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Newborn Photographer

6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Newborn Photographer

Hiring a newborn photographer can be an overwhelming process.  There are so many options out there, and so many variables to consider.  To help out, I’ve narrowed down a short list of 6 things to consider when hiring a newborn photographer.   Hopefully you will find this list beneficial during your research.

1.  Safety first. Does your photographer have experience working with babies?

The number one thing to consider when you are shopping for a newborn photographer is whether that person has experience working with babies.  You want to make sure that your photographer knows the ins and outs of safety.  There are a number of safety considerations when photographing infants, so make sure whoever you hire is familiar with them.

2. Training and experience

You want to make sure that whoever you get has experience doing this.  Unqualified and untrained photographers can not only affect the quality of your pictures, but it could also present safety concerns.  You should make sure ahead of time that your choice has the necessary resume to do the job.

3.  Style.

What style do you find yourself drawn towards? What images make you feel something? Is it bright and light filled images? Or do you prefer a darker and moodier style? Are you drawn to a neutral palette or lots of color? Every newborn photographer has a different way of doing things, and a different style they gravitate towards.  You should be able to see this in their portfolio.  Before hiring someone, make sure that the work they’ve done in the past matches up with your own vision of the session.  You don’t want to find someone who has a conflicting style, and be frustrated that the session does not turn out the way you hoped.

4.  Location.

Do you prefer to have the session in your home or in a more controlled studio environment? Does your photographer offer this?  A good photographer can usually make any location work, but know ahead of time what your preference is.  If it is important to you that a photographer offer a studio option or a home option, then make sure that whoever you pick will have this option.

5.  Level of Service

What level of service are you being provided? Do you have a good feeling both from the website and initial inquiry response?  You can usually pick up the vibe from the photographer’s website, as well as your initial interaction with them.  Make sure to follow your instincts.  If something doesn’t feel right, or if your initial gut reaction is that it isn’t a good match, then follow your intuition.

6.  Budget

Be sure you are clear on the photographer’s pricing schedule. Some photographers charge an all-inclusive rate that includes the digital files with a print release. Others have session fees and collections with digital files sold separately. There is no right or wrong way, but be sure you are familiar so there are no surprises after your session. Most importantly, keep in mind you get what you pay for. Looking for a photographer who will be handling your baby for several hours is not the time to look for the cheapest option out there or cut corners. Even more expensive photographers often have options that can work with a variety of budgets, so it is better to ask those questions than to just assume you can’t afford someone.

natural baby posing

So there you have it!  There are many good photographers out there (although I’m partial to Heather Mohr Photography!), but the best way to know which one is right for you is to do your homework.  Hopefully these suggestions will help that effort.

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9 Month Baby Photos | St. Louis Baby Photographer

9 Month Baby Photos

I really enjoyed the opportunity to capture these 9 month baby photos of sweet miss Olivia.  I shot this session at Tower Grove Park, and as a result I got some great outdoor photographs. Mom brought some adorable outfits for Olivia, and she looked so cute showing them off. It was great seeing her as I’ve been following her growth all year, and I’ll see her again next at her 12 month session.  I always love seeing a baby with such an expressive disposition, and Olivia just makes the cutest faces!  I had some wonderful lighting as well with this session, and the weather was great.  It all made for a perfect shoot, so I can’t wait to do it again.

Olivia was very willing to show off for the camera, and I was definitely glad to capture it!

Look at those eyes!

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5 Month Old Photos

5 Month Old Photos

I was so happy to get the opportunity to take Evie’s 5 month old photos!  I’ve known Evie’s mommy for several years now–she was one of the daycare teachers for two of my own children, and she also occasionally babysits for us.  So it was a real pleasure when I got the opportunity to photograph her brand new bundle of joy.  Evie is such a sweet baby, and she has such an adorable smile.  I met them at Creve Coeur Lake, and we had a great time in the sun.  It is obvious that Evie’s parents adore her, and I loved being able to capture that for them.

Evie is a well-loved little girl, and you can tell that at just a glance!

She’s got a beautiful smile, and check out those dimples!

Evie also has the most beautiful blue eyes you will ever see!

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Is newborn photography safe?

Is Newborn Photography Safe?

One question that some clients sometimes ask: Is newborn photography safe?  The answer is yes! That said, you will want to  make sure you are entrusting your baby not only to someone skilled at photography, but also at working with babies. Your new baby is your most valuable treasure, and deserves to be treated accordingly. Many measures can be taken by a skilled photographer to ensure your baby’s safety. I’ll cover a few of the basics here.

Handwashing and not coming around your baby if sick, even if that means postponing your session.

Newborn photographers will always make sure the health and safety of your newborn is their first concern.  That means that before and during the session, they will make sure that their hands are always clean.  If the photographer becomes sick, they will reschedule the session rather than risk exposing the baby to any germs. I’ve had to do this a few times in my years as a newborn photographer. While rescheduling isn’t not what we want to do, it’s just not worth the risk.

Never leaving the baby in a precarious position

During a session, a skilled newborn photographer will make sure that there is no point at which the baby is left unsafely on his/her own.  Whether it’s an assistant or a parent, the photographer will make sure that your newborn is always attended to throughout the duration of the session, and that your baby is not at risk.

Avoiding unsafe poses, and only doing certain poses with a spotter

A skilled newborn photographer will know which poses are safe and which ones aren’t.  Unsafe poses will not be used, and a good photographer will know the difference.  Certain poses are safe provided that the photographer has a spotter to help assist, and he/she will make sure that everything is in order before attempting these poses.

At Heather Mohr Photography, we conduct sessions with baby led posing. This style is 100% safe and comfortable for your baby at all times. I watch for cues of how your baby prefers to naturally be positioned, and then perfect and polish as needed.

Your session will consist of photos of your baby swaddled, curled up in a womb-like position with their knees tucked close to them, or sweetly laying on their sides and backs. I will do some tummy poses as well, and in those cases, never leave your baby alone to ensure safety at all times.

Keeping baby warm and comfortable during unclothed poses

Newborn photography usually utilizes a variety of unclothed poses, and this is the reason why it’s important to keep the room at a warm temperature. Babies cannot regulate their body temperatures during the first 6 months of their lives, and so we need to help them. It’s also a reason why you might see your photographer sweat a little during the session!  But the comfort of your baby is an important thing, and that usually means a warmer room when baby is unclothed.

Being gentle with baby during posing

A good photographer will make sure to always be gentle while taking pictures.  The most important thing is to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable. That’s why we are trained on how to properly pose your baby in the most safe and gentle way. We move slowly while transitioning from one pose to another, always ensuring your baby is comfortable and feels secure.

In Conclusion…

Is newborn photography safe? Yes, it is safe. That said it is imperative to choose a photographer who will ensure safety standards are followed, who understands newborns, and who will never put your baby at risk to get a certain shot. If you ever have any questions for me about safety, don’t hesitate to ask!


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