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Ruby was absolutely perfect during her bright & airy lifestyle session. When her mama contacted me and told me about all the whites and creams in their house, I got excited. Those are always such great backdrops for lifestyle sessions, but particularly when the goal is light-filled images. Ruby’s mama told me this is a look she loves, but that isn’t something that can happen in a darker, moodier house. There is no right or wrong approach, but their house definitely worked perfectly for this style!

Ruby was so, so sweet. She made little grunting noises throughout her session that made me laugh. I can’t get enough of newborns and their sweet little noises. Everything about a new baby is amazing – the noises, the way they move their tiny mouths, their little sighs, even the way they breathe is perfection. It’s one of the reasons I love this job so much! How could I not love getting to hang out with babies all the time? And it helps that I seem to have the best parents as well. Ruby’s parents were no exception at all. I enjoyed getting to know them!

Can we also talk about big sister, Georgia, for a minute? She is so beautiful with her white blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is also one of the more cooperative 3-year-olds I have met! She was so sweet with her baby sister, and she was willing to do anything I asked. Our session was the first time she got to hold Ruby, and I feel so lucky to have gotten to capture it for this family!

Georgia was so amazing, we even worked in a photo series just for her, while baby Ruby did some eating. I think this girl could be a model if she wanted!

sweet baby toesnewborn earsSt. louis baby sweet poseheather-mohr-photography-5-of-17heather-mohr-photography-6-of-17moody photo of baby's handsheather-mohr-photography-8-of-17newborn photo with siblingbright & airy lifestyle newbornlifestyle newborn family in black & whiteheather-mohr-photography-12-of-17heather-mohr-photography-13-of-17heather-mohr-photography-14-of-17heather-mohr-photography-15-of-17heather-mohr-photography-16-of-17taco pose


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