Camden | St. Louis Baby Photographer

Camden | St. Louis Baby Photographer

Camden is 6 months old! It’s so hard to believe 6 months have passed since I was photographing his birth and newborn sessions, and even more time has passed since his mama’s maternity session! I love watching all of my clients grow from newborn through however long I get to photograph them, but there’s something extra special about the babies whose births I photograph. So I was really excited to get to see Camden again.

We met at Gordon Moore Park in Alton for his 6 month baby photography session. It’s such a cute little park, with a small pond and a lake, which make for great visual interest in sessions. I wasn’t sure what the state of the trees would be now that it has gotten colder, but there were several evergreen trees, which was wonderful!

Camden was so adorable and perfect during his session. He was very curious about the camera, as many babies are at this stage. So we got some good eye contact out of him! He’s such a sweet little guy – I can’t wait to see him again in another 6 months!

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Update: CLICK HERE to check out Camden’s 12 month session, Forest Park!

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