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Creve Coeur Lake Family Photos

Creve Coeur Lake Family Photos

So I love taking photographs at Creve Coeur Lake, and these Creve Coeur Lake family photos were no exception.  I photographed their birth a year ago – it’s hard to believe William is already 1! We met at the lake at sunset, and it was a beautiful night, even though a tad on the warm side.  William is a sweet little guy with bright blue eyes, and his parents clearly adore him.  I loved being able to show their sweetness and gentleness through these pictures, and the lake makes a great backdrop.  William had fun playing by the lake as well, so it was a win for everyone! It was also the perfect time of day for some great lighting, and even though it’s fall there is still a lot of green around.  It was a wonderful night and I’m so glad I get a chance to share it here!

This little guy looks like he’s wondering what I’m up to!

Mom and Dad got to share a beautiful moment by the lake too!

What would time at the lake be without some fun?

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