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The Illuminated View | Click Photo School Review

In my last post, I talked a lot about the various classes that have contributed to my journey. So, I could not wait to get on here and share a review of the class I just finished. It was the entire month of June, and it’s been such a great 4 weeks! The class I’m referring to is The Illuminated View via Click Photo School (taught by Tarah Sweeney). I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to take their understand of light to the next level!

Tarah is such an involved instructor. She is so generous with the knowledge she shares, and made it very clear we could ask her anything. She truly wanted us students to master the materials she prepared for us.

While I usually prefer to read reviews before making a decision, this was the first time this class was offered. As such, there were no former students and no reviews to read! We were the first students! However, I love Tarah’s work, and the way she embraces all things “messy” speaks to me. So I decided to go for it.

I had been seeking out a class on light for a few months. While I do know and understand how to use it, I also know there is always room to grow. In addition, I wanted to start using light more creatively, and to go beyond the rules. Tarah addressed this concept early in the class, and I immediately knew I had made the right choice to enroll. While rules are important and have their place, once we learn them, it’s freeing to break them with the intent of creating something that speaks to our souls.

One of my favorite things about the class was learning how to shoot in midday sun! As Tarah pointed out to us, most of our lives happen during the middle of the day, not at sunrise or sunset!

photo in midday sun

Don’t misunderstand – I’ll still be scheduling client sessions at either sunset or sunrise. Those types of light are still the most flattering. However, I now feel more freedom to use my camera to document my children at any time of day, and to control the light instead of letting it control me. I’m not a wedding photographer, but this would also be a good skill to learn for those who are, since start times for weddings are generally not chosen by the photographer. 🙂


One thing I regret is not being able to practice as much as I would have liked. We’re moving, and we’ve had heat advisories that have made it difficult to get outside. So I improvised and used the skills we learned to find light indoors for several of the days.

Dappled light, pocket light, and the blue hour are all types of light we covered that I didn’t get to practice during the class. I can’t wait to do so, and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for opportunities to do so!

And now, here are some more of my favorite photos I took while during the class this past month!

The Illuminated View ClassHeather Mohr Photography (3 of 8)Heather Mohr Photography (5 of 8)Heather Mohr Photography (6 of 8)Heather Mohr Photography (7 of 8)Heather Mohr Photography (8 of 8)

Next on my learning agenda is videography. I am SO excited to start making video available as an add-on for many of my sessions. Stay tuned for more information about that!

And back to The Illuminated View – if you are thinking of taking it, but want to talk to a former student, feel free to reach out!


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