Our Summer

Too much time has passed since I’ve shared a personal post, so I’d say it’s about time! Our summer has been quite busy. We’ve been to multiple festivals and parades. Liam started playing little league baseball. We went to a St. Louis Cardinal’s game on a night that Liam’s school sang God Bless America. We took the kids to see fireworks for the first time as a family of five. Sometimes I documented, and other times I left the big camera at home. It’s been eventful, exhausting, and fun, which is what summer are often made of!

Here are just a few glimpses into our life these past months! In this first photo, Elena is hanging out at my new studio space, helping me check the light. I love having this space available to me! It’s been a life saver when it rains, and it’s great to have the opportunity for consistently good lighting at newborn sessions.

Quentin spends so much time in this high chair. Eating is one of his favorite things to do, though he really only wants to eat fruit these days. We have trouble getting to eat much else. I guess there are worse things!

Here are some glimpses into Liam’s t-ball season. He played with a great group of kids, and his coaches were fantastic. I loved that it was laid-back and fun for the kids, but still provided an opportunity for them to learn and grow. The progress from the first practice to the final game was incredible! By the end of the season, the kids were even able to bat without the tee!

Quentin didn’t go to many games since they were typically in the evening and past his bedtime, but when he did go, he liked sitting on the bleachers all by himself. He’s craving independence more and more these days.

Note how Elena is wearing her hats and gloves while eating ice cream in this next group of photos. It was not cold, but when Elena decides she wants to wear something, you can’t argue with her!

Just try to ignore that mess behind Quentin if you will…we try…we do try!! But when these kids are awake, it’s impossible!

Finally, what is a summer without trips to the local parks? The kids were super excited about the merry go round at this little park we discovered. It’s not our usual place to play, but sometimes it’s nice to try something new.

Well, 2 of the 3 were excited to be at the park. This one preferred to cuddle.

I hope everyone else is having a fabulous summer as well!!

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