St. Louis Baby Photography Session by Emily Lucarz

St. Louis Baby Photography Session by Emily Lucarz | My Quentin!

I am constantly telling people the importance of being photographed with their children. I think this is especially true for moms, and sometimes photographers moms can be the worst culprits! So I decided to take my own advice and hired Emily of Emily Lucarz Photography to take some photos of Quentin and me while he is still a baby. This was especially important to me since I never did that with him when he was a newborn!  Emily did a phenomenal job. Seriously, she is one of the best out there, not just in our area, but in the country!  If you’re needing a St. Louis child photographer, or newborn photographer, or family photographer, she’s absolutely spectacular!!!

And now, for Quentin’s post! I’m going to share what I said on Facebook. As a photographer, it is probably no surprise that I’m a huge believer in photos. Photos not only capture moments we will never get back, but when done well, they become our own personal art, providing a window into our very souls. I love the emotion captured here! I know how I feel about my children, and of course I can tell them how loved they were from the start. But this….THIS is something I can show him. It means the world to me! And it doesn’t stop there – so many great photos of his little personality were captured too! When the time comes that his infancy seems a blur, I’m so glad I’ll have it. Anyway, Emily is crazy awesome (major understatement there), and she’s as down-to-earth and caring as she is talented! Be sure to hop on over and check out his session on her blog! I know many of you have asked about him, so you can read all about it, as well as see his cuteness!

Here is one of the many amazing photos.  Now go check out the rest!


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