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Review: ClickinMoms University, Communicating with Color & Light

I have just finished the final week from Communicating with Color & Light from ClickinMoms University, and I decided this time I would actually write my review in a timely manner!  I had read many positive reviews on it, and I knew it would be great.  I was especially looking forward to exploring my editing style.  I was not disappointed in the slightest!

Going in, I thought I knew a lot about Lightroom. Yet I still had many “aha” moments about the various panels.  I certainly was not using the curves panel or split toning to their full potentials!  I’m so exciting to now have those skills in my repertoire.  However, what I gained from the course went far beyond that.  I not only built upon my pre-existing Lightroom foundation from a technical standpoint, but I learned how to take those panels and use them to convey a feeling, a style, or to really make an image pop.  I learned that I do not need to pull every image into PeopleSoft!

I also learned a LOT about my style.  I have more of an editing style than I realized, but I needed someone to help me see it. Caroline, the incredible instructor, has an amazing gift for doing just that, and she guided me into the light that was needed for me to see myself more clearly.  I’m so glad I took the class.  My editing will never be the same!  I look forward to continuing to explore my editing style and to enhance how I communicate with color and with light!

I do want to add, this class is not limited to Lightroom users, but also covers ACR as well.  Going beyond that, I am using principles I learned from the class in my Photoshop editing as well.  The same principles (including the principle of color psychology) applies, and it’s such a great feeling to edit with true intent.

Here is one of the many photos I practiced editing this past month.  All edits were done by hand in Lightroom. The first is my straight out of camera shot, the other 2 are processed.


Communicating with Color & LightCommunicating with Color & LightCommunicating with Color & LightClick here to read about my journey to Click Pro and to read other course reviews!

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