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I’m so excited to share this surrogate birth story. You may recall my excitement from when I shared the maternity photos! I knew it was going to be an amazing birth, and it was!

This is not just a surrogate story, but a vbac story as well. We knew anything could happen with this birth. Mateo was very comfy in the belly of his carrier. When she went in to be induced a week late, however, it turns out she was already in labor! Not only was she in labor, but things were moving super fast! I got the call that she was at a 6, thinking I could take my time and head to the hospital at a leisurely pace. Just a few minutes later, I got a text that she was already at an 8, so I decided it was time to rush. Thankfully I got to the hospital in plenty of time, but by the time I did arrive about 45 minutes later, she was complete. Talk about a fast labor! I’m so glad I didn’t take my time after all!

When I arrived, the room was full of happy anticipation. Look at the joy on Mateo’s daddy’s face, as he waits for his newborn son.

surrogate and intended dad birth story

This amazing carrier did fantastic! I never heard her complain a single time!

Mateo arrived effortlessly. I wasn’t sure if he was pushed out, or if he just came out. It was so smooth and fast!

He went straight into his daddy’s arms for snuggle time.

Grandma was also there, and of course, she couldn’t wait to meet him. Mateo wanted to check her out, too.

Anyone who follows me knows that I can’t resist newborn toes. 🙂

Fingers, too! One of my very favorite things to capture in any session are the details.

Mateo wasn’t out of the womb for long when he was already smacking his lips. His sucking reflex is strong!

Look at those little leg wrinkles!

Baby arm and ear hair is so amazing too. It’s one of those things they lose within a couple weeks, so I try to capture it before it’s gone.

newborn arm fuzz

And for now I’ll end with his first bath!

I’m so honored to have been a part of this birth story!

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