Wee Little Jack | St. Louis Newborn Photographer 

Wee Little Jack | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

I so enjoyed my time snuggling this sweet newborn boy – his name is Jack, and he is a wee little guy, weighing in at just over 5 lbs! His big brother is adorable too. I really loved all of the family moments we captured together at this Kirkwood session.

Jack was born a few weeks early, but he was able to go right home, so we did his session when he was only a week old. It’s a great time to do a newborn session, as these babies are still so sleepy. Babies do often remain sleepy for up to a month, sometimes more! And I have no problem with doing sessions later, but when we can get them scheduled in that first 1-2 weeks, it works really well also.

I loved how baby Jack snuggled right into his daddy’s chest, as in this next photo.
St. Louis Newborn PhotographerNewborn Boy in Black & White Head Shot

And this photo above was a special request from his mama! She had taken the time to look through some of my other sessions and let me know her preferences, which I really appreciated. It made it super easy to plan her session!

Side Lying Pose with grey & white setup

This side lying pose above is always a classic – I do it almost every session. I love how it focuses so much on the baby! And another benefit is how you can get this great photo of the hands (like in the next photo).

Newborn boy baby fingers

Kirkwood Newborns boy photo sessionNewborn Boy Session with Neutrals Doesn’t baby Jack look adorable all curled up in a basket? I love fluff as well – it always makes me think of a soft cloud.
Lifestyle newborn photography ideas

This next shot wasn’t a planned one, but when I saw the way his feet were resting on his daddy in the photo above, I decided to make it a focus in this next photo.

Unique idea for newborn feet photos

And this next photo of him with his mama is so perfect, too! I haven’t done this one in a while – I forgot how much I love it, for so many reasons!

Kirkwood Newborn Boy Photography SessionLifestyle family newborn session

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