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Nurturer| Baby Snuggler | Light Seeker| B.S., M.A.

Hi, I'm Heather, and I am so glad to have you here. I can't wait to learn all about you and your story. I just love getting to know my clients. It's one of my favorite parts of my job. It's not uncommon for clients to turn into friends. And so when I say I look forward to getting to know you, I do mean that!

As for me, some of my favorites things include family, food, music, writing, reading, travelling, and beautiful sunsets.

I also love capturing stories with my lens. Pregnancy, birth, and those early baby days are some of the most memorable moments in life to those who experience them.While this time is amazing, it also passes in a whirlwind. Every time I deliver a gallery, knowing I've frozen these special moments in time for another family, my heart soars and I am reminded how fortunate I am to have found my calling in life. 

When it comes to capturing stories, I understand the desire to want to remember every little detail, especially in the time leading up to and in that short time after having a child. I have given birth to 4 amazing babies. However, our first, Madelyn, was only with us for a short time. Losing her taught me the importance of documenting the dearest moments of our lives and, most importantly, documenting love.  

It is often our photos and videos that *become* our memories. They enhance what time tends to dull. Photography has given me the gift of never forgetting details like my son’s furry little newborn shoulders, or my first daughter’s head full of strawberry blonde hair I'll never see again in this life. 

Photography also reminds us to slow down and appreciate the important things in life. Every time I see my family's photos on my walls, it makes me want to slow down, and cherish every moment I have with them. 

And this…THIS is why I do what I do. 

I love connecting with my clients. If you have questions about me or my process, please don't hesitate to task. 

I cannot wait to learn about your family and capture your story. 

I would love to hear from you!

If you want to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out! You can find me with my email, 314-488-7150, or via my contact page.

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