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Bennett’s Birth Story | O’Fallon Birth Photographer

Bennett’s Birth Story

I was so excited when this mama contacted me to tell me she was expecting baby #2. I had photographed the birth story for baby #1 a couple years ago, and had the honor of documenting his first year as well. So I was thankful to be chosen for Bennett’s birth story.

The week of Bennett’s birth, we talked off and on, as her OB checkups were showing tremendous progress. When she told me she was 4 cm at her final OB checkup, I knew it wouldn’t be long.  But this little guy held off longer than I thought! The day labor came, she went to the hospital thinking maybe her water had broken. Surprisingly, she got sent home. Well, it wasn’t a few hours later when she told me she was going back at her husband’s suggestion, even though she wasn’t convinced.

A Quick Arrival

It’s a good thing she went when she did! Her baby was born around very quickly after she arrived. In fact, I wasted no time, knowing it would be a fast labor. But Bennett came during the 20 minute drive from my home to the hospital. It’s the first time that has happened! She laughed and said that it was a good thing I missed it, since she arrived too far along for an epidural, and it was quite intense, and something she was not prepared for!

I was still able to capture all those first moments immediately following the birth, and was so glad to get to come back a few hours later in the morning for sibling meeting photos.

Beautiful baby toes are the best!

Momma loved snuggling her newest little man.

I loved capturing this tender moment between Dad and his newest pride and joy.

There’s something special about brothers meeting for the first time!

Mommy and her boys was such a beautiful sight.

Seriously, could this family be any more wonderful!?!

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