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Birth Photography

Birth Photography

Birth photography is a passion of mine. As someone who faced impossible obstacles on the road to parenthood, I know exactly how beautiful and miraculous these moments are, and how important it is to capture them.

My goal as your birth photographer is to document the birth of your baby in an authentic and heartfelt manner. Birth photography allows you to relive those precious moments of your child’s birth again and again. Your photographs will give  you a window into the little details that are so easily forgotten in that postpartum state of blissful exhaustion.

If you are still on the fence as to whether birth photography is right for you, please see this short video, as it is a good representation of what I deliver to my birth clients.

Oliver's birth story

How it Works

During your pregnancy

As your birth photographer, it is very important to me that we connect and establish a good rapport. Adding a maternity session is a great time for us to meet and get to know each other. If you do not book a maternity session, we will meet at least one time before your birth. I’ll also send you a questionnaire to get a better idea of your wishes for your birth.

I’ll ask you to keep me updated after every doctor’s visit your last month of pregnancy with your progress. I will be on call for you starting at 38 weeks and until your baby is born. I also have a backup photographer on alert during this timeframe. That said, I will make every effort to attend, even if your labor begins outside the on-call timeframe.

During your labor

Once labor begins, I will ask you to notify me right away. I’ll arrive to your place of birth during the active labor phase. I’ll stay through the remainder of your labor.

After baby is born

Once your baby arrives, I’ll stay approximately 1-1.5 hours, which is long enough to capture many first moments, while leaving you some precious alone time with your baby.

Winnie's birth story


If you have a c-section, unless it is for an emergency reason, many hospitals will allow me in the operating room. It will be very important to speak with your OB and hospital where you will be delivering so that we all have a full understanding of what to expect.

If your c-section is due to an emergency reason which does not allow me to be in the OR, I will capture the moments up until your operation. I will immediately begin photographing again when you and your baby are brought into recovery. If dad is able to enter the OR and take a camera, I will use those photos in your birth story.

I have had the opportunity to photograph multiple c-section births. Click here to read more about why it is just as important to have a photographer at a c-section. You will also find a listing of some c-section birth stories I have done.

Missouri Baptist Birth Photography (14 of 18)


Birth stories start at $1299 and include the digital files, along with a slideshow/video mix set to music. If you’d like a priority on video over photos, we can do that, too! Contact me for detailed information and to build the plan that will meet your goals.

St. Louis Birth Stories – Examples

Now that you’ve learned many of the details about birth photography, here are just a few of the St. Louis birth stories I’ve captured.  Click on each one to learn more about the types of photos you might see in a birth gallery. Be sure to go to my article about c-sections referenced above to see examples of that type of birth story as well!

  1. Birth Stories Portfolio – First, here is my birth photography portfolio. It includes some of my favorite images I’ve taken at recent births. You’ll find some Fresh 48 examples as well. It’s a great place to get an overview of my style.
  2. Charlotte’s Birth Story – Charlotte was born at Mercy Hospital by c-section after her mama labored for a bit. She is absolutely perfect!
  3. Rainbow Baby Birth – There were no dry eyes in the delivery room following this rainbow baby birth!
  4. Mercy Hospital Delivery – Here is a post about sweet Titus, and his arrival to the world. His birth took place at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis during daylight hours.
  5. Belleville Memorial Hospital Birth – This post captures another beautiful birth photography experience as Camden entered the world in Belleville, IL.

Are you delivering a baby in St. Louis, MO or the IL Metro East?

Contact me at to learn more details and see if I am available for your birth story! You may also reach me at 314-488-7150.

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