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Family Film Session | St. Louis Family Photographer

I am so, so excited to announce that I am not offering these family film sessions!

I saw Samuel a couple weeks prior for his 12 month session and cake smash, and it was so exciting to come back and do this purely documentary video for them. It captures a simple weekend morning for them.

I still love photos, and I always will. Everyone should have photos! I mean, you can’t frame a video on the walls or put it in an album. That said, what I love about these videos is that they are able to take preserving those memories to an entirely new levels that photos cannot. With video, you can hear that sweet baby giggle that melts your heart…forever. You can see the way your little ones walk, and the way they climb on your lap and snuggle in. A photo will freeze a moment in time, while a video gives life to that moment.

Want to know what else I love about these storytelling videos? There is absolutely no pressure for the children  to wear certain clothing or to stand in a certain spot or behave a certain way. Your family does an activity based on the story we are recording, and your kids can be however they want to be. It’s fun, relaxed, and you get to just be you. That’s it!

I could go on and on, but really, the best thing to do is watch the video. 🙂

As a promotional special, I’m giving $100 off these film sessions for anyone who signs up for my newsletter and books by the end of August 2016! After that, you can always get $50 off your first family film session by signing up for my newsletter, which you can do if you CLICK HERE.

And then, CLICK HERE to contact me and book your family film session!! 🙂

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