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Family Photography is about capturing the authentic and incredible character of your Granite City family. Heather Mohr is a family photographer who is excited to bring your family’s story to life through pictures and even family videos! She focuses on the beauty of your family as it is, the unique and special connection that exists between your family members, and the characteristics of each member of your family as an individual.

Family photography sessions bring the tale of your household to life in amazing and unique ways. With the varying and different personalities that your family can have, capturing each essence is important so that entire picture of your family can be displayed.

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It’s OK to want more than just formal poses! Family photos are about showing the daily authentic interactions and lifestyles that your family has, whether it be organized, peaceful, or chaotic. Heather is a family photographer who knows how to get your children to have real, authentic smiles for the camera, and make the photo shoot fun and memorable for everyone.

Family photography isn’t just for mom and dad! How amazing would it be to be able to look back on your own childhood in this way and see your mom and dad as they were when they were younger, holding you, loving you, playing with you? This is something you’ll be able to show to your children when they’re older, and they will cherish that the memories were captured in such an authentic and timeless way.

Family Photography Session Retainer – $250

The retainer is $250 to secure a spot on the calendar. Heather then works with her clients to choose the products that are best for them, which can include digital files, framed wall art, heirloom albums, and more. These products may be purchased separately at your design consultation.

Half Day in the Life – $1200

Here is an example of Heather’s “Day in the Life of Family Photographer”

Half Day Family Photography Sessions are documentary sessions that capture and celebrate the authenticity and beauty of the phase of life your family is in right now.

Sessions generally last 4 hours or more, and allow Heather to photograph your family doing normal family things, like dinner, relaxing moments, chaotic moments, chores and more. These sessions can take place at multiple locations over the course of several hours, and there is no posing required! She wants to capture your family as it is right now, exciting and beautiful.

The session price includes all digital files with a print release. Albums are a fantastic way to preserve the memories of your day, and those are also available for purchase as an add-on to your session.And if you would like Heather to capture your full day (8 hours), she can do that too! Give her a call to discuss pricing for a full day in the life.

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If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can find Heather through email, 314-488-7150, or via her contact page.

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