family portfolio

If you’re looking for a gallery full of perfect, “smiling-at-the-camera-with-every-hair-perfectly-in-place” images, I’m not the right fit for you. However, if you want photos of your family having fun together, making fond memories, and loving on each other, then let’s chat!

While I do work to get some of the “look at the camera and smile” mixed in, we do a lot of other stuff in between, and some children simply will not do it, or do it for long. And that’s perfectly ok! In my book, photography is all about capturing your family as you are, right now, in the moment. To me, that is perfection, no matter how imperfect it may feel.

Of course, I will guide you into the best light, use the best angles, give you advice on the best wardrobe, and tell you if something (including your hair placement) isn’t looking quite right! That is all part of the service and expertise I offer. What I do not do is nitpick every inch of you, worrying about and photoshopping the things that really don’t matter (such as if there’s a teensy tiny chip on your fingernail polish). In my photos, the special bond you and your family share together is what shines through.

A typical family session with me includes lots of kids swinging in the air, running to given parents a big hug, sitting on shoulders, and lots of cuddles. I truly try to make it a fun experience for the little ones. And when they’re done – well, we’re done! I won’t push them past their limits, because I want them to look forward coming to see me again and again, and it works! Parents tell me all the time how much their kids look forward to coming to see me. Although the lollipops may help, lol!

If this sounds like the type of family photo session you’d enjoy, contact me at or 618-659-5414 to discuss options and to get on my calendar! Pricing information can be found here.


Willow & Mohr Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, family and portrait photography using both natural and studio light in the St. Louis, Missouri and Edwardsville, Illinois areas.