For a baby’s first few weeks in the world, they are so small and fragile! But when these lucky little ones get captured on camera by professionals like us at Willow & Mohr Photography, the result is undeniably adorable photos that will bring joy and a smile to your face. Take a look at these 13 images from our newborn photography shoots!

How Our Photoshoots Work

Your baby deserves the best! Our Edwardsville studio is a clean and beautiful environment that will have your brand new baby feeling at ease while they pose for the camera. With us, you get more than just professional photography; we provide outfits for the shoot and everything else you need to make sure your little one is comfortable in front of the camera. If you prefer a lifestyle session in your home, we can travel anywhere within the St. Louis area, including Brentwood, Clayton, Chesterfield and other St. Louis County locations.

Expert Newborn Photography Tips

The Willow & Mohr team is so excited for you and your newborn baby, and we want to give you the best experience possible! We recommend that if at all possible, parents bring their babies in within 6-14 days of birth. This will help with getting those adorable, squishy newborn poses as well as capturing your first months together as a family. And with such limited time available in this crucial window, we suggest reaching out early with your estimated due date so we can plan to fit your newborn session in within those first few weeks.

How to Prepare & What to Bring for Your Newborn Baby

Bring your baby to our studio for a session and we’ll take care of the rest! We have outfits and accessories galore, from bonnets to rompers. Don’t forget your diaper bag though, so you can feed your newborn in between shots if they’re hungry.

If you want a few special shots of something sentimental, just let us know and bring them to the studio, and we’ll make sure to incorporate those items into the shoot. And of course, if you’d like to include everyone in these memories, our team offers some really great family photography packages as well.

1. Ansley’s precious smile

smiling baby in hooded swaddle

When a new baby is born, the first thing you see are those cute little cheeks and an adorable smile. It’s almost impossible to resist smiling back at this photo!

2. AvaMarie and roses

newborn baby sleeping

Ava Marie is the picture of perfection in this pose with her matching headband and rose swaddle!

3. Brian just chillin out

newborn baby wearing a hat, hands behind head

Brian is the coolest dude in town. His dapper style is undeniably amazing and we got so many great images of him!

4. Dominic in black and white

black and white newborn photography

Black and white photography is a timeless art form that can be used in any setting to make a statement. You know Dominic’s parents are just melting with admiration every time they look at this photograph of their son!

5. Dream big, little one!

newborn baby girl sleeping in bed

Giving your baby a prop to pose with can help create some variety in the photos. And really, is there anything more adorable than a newborn photo of a sleeping little one?

6. Plain and simple

newborn baby wrapped in white swaddle

This classic pose of a baby wrapped in a light swaddle gives an airy and natural feel to the image. Your focus is on baby’s perfect, tiny little features.

7. A classic pose

newborn in cream colored sleeper and hat

No props needed here! This little sleep set has us dreaming of all the sleepy newborns with their tiny little baby toes. Why are baby feet so adorable?!

8. Holiday inspiration shoot

newborn baby in holiday clothing and sleeping on bed

Jameson sure knows how to make his parents smile. For this holiday photo, he posed on a bed with festive details that would warm any parent’s heart and create great holiday decor with a wall print.

9. Dimples for days

smiling baby

When you see a brand new infant with dimples, it is like the sun coming out from behind dark storm clouds. You can’t help but smile back at them and want to give an extra tight squeeze of love!

10. Eyes wide open

newborn baby with eyes open and smiling

We love capturing photos of babies when they are awake, too. This one would make for a perfect portrait to hang on the wall!

11. Baby giggles

new baby sleeping in bed and laughing

Although we may never know what babies are laughing at, it is clear that they love to giggle at their silly grown-ups!

12. Sweet Dreams

newborn baby sleeping with hands rested on face

This classic pose is a must-have in your collection of photos. When photographing newborns, we always try to get at least one of them in the studio with their eyes closed and peacefully sleeping like this.

13. Contrast of light and dark

sleeping baby in a basket

Using these soft pink roses as props adds just the right amount of contrast to the dark background. The contrasting colors make this photo stand out in the collection.

Deciding Who to Use for Your Newborn Photographer

A great newborn photographer can capture your baby’s first days in the world with images that you’ll cherish forever. They are skilled with different poses and will make sure to keep your little one comfortable during the shoot. Find someone who feels comfortable behind the camera and has experience shooting newborn photography in a variety of poses.

Heather Mohr and her partner Nichole Kold are two of the best newborn photographers in their profession. They make sure that your baby is safe while capturing those first moments they spend with you for all to see.

Considering booking newborn photography sessions with Willow and Mohr?  Contact us at 618-659-5414 or email us at to schedule. We would love to chat and provide a tour of our beautiful studio space located at Trace on the Parkway in Edwardsville, Illinois.