Shooting 207 - Newborn Photography | ClickinMoms University

Shooting 207 – Newborn Photography | ClickinMoms University

Anything worth pursuing is worth pursuing well. That’s how I try to approach most things in life, and my pursuit of starting a newborn photography business was no different.  I knew that in order to be able to photograph newborns in the most effective way, education would be necessary.

I set out on a mission to find the best online programs out there.  As someone with small children, travelling to live workshops would not be a reality.  However, I knew from experience online classes can sometimes lack effectiveness, which is something I wanted to avoid.  I was not willing to sacrifice quality of learning simply because my learned needed to take place in an online environment.

It was around this time of exploration that I discovered ClickinMoms.  I mustered up the nerve to post a newborn photo I had done for critique, and Alicia of Alicia Gould Photography responded.  The degree of her helpfulness caught me off guard.  I was expecting a few pointers here and there, but nothing so thorough, and certainly not from someone as established as Alicia!  I knew I had found the right environment for me to learn.

Later I learned that Alicia taught a class via ClickinMoms University:  Shooting 207, Newborn Photography.  I did not need to be convinced to sign up – I knew that if Alicia was so helpful with a new forum member, she would certainly be the same in her class.  I was not incorrect in my assumption.  She was absolutely amazing, as were all of the teacher assistants.

I couldn’t believe the wealth of material that was covered in this class. We learned about everything from posing to lighting to marketing!  Beyond that, the friends I made through taking that class are incredible.  When I first started my journey, I wanted so badly to become friends with seasoned photographers.  This class made that possible.  If I need advice on anything, this group is where I turn for feedback, and they never disappoint.

I highly recommend this class for anyone with an interest in newborn photography.  The return on investment makes every dollar spent far worthwhile.




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